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At Freedom Ranch we want to see the love of God extended not just to the residents of the ranch but beyond the perimeters of the 81 acres we occupy to the communities from where our residents have come.

Some of the residents of the ranch may have come from poor, fatherless families that have struggled without having some of the bare necessities of life. Others may have come from very affluent families. All have traveled different paths to end up here. But, they come here to find a new road to a happier, more contented life with Christ and the Holy Spirit as their guide.

There are many things they will be taught here at the ranch. Giving is one of the things that is among those things at the top of the list. God taught us about real love and giving. He gave the ultimate sacrifice in giving His Son for a sacrifice for each of us.

As we teach our students vocational skills, our desire in the teaching process is to give back to the communities at the same time. That is why we solicit the community to donate unneeded vehicles to the ranch. We will use these vehicle to teach auto-mechanic skills and at the same time prepare a vehicle to be used back in the community.

There may be a disable person needing a vehicle in order to keep needed doctor appointments. He or she may not have the income to afford the payments for a dependable vehicle. The ranch can through your generous support make one available at a cost that fits their budget. Many times that will mean "free". Sometimes it will be a small monthly payment that fits their budget that covers the cost of repairing a vehicle.

Other vehicles may go to a single parent struggling to put food on the table and clothes for the children. There are a lot of struggling people in all our communities. We want to teach our students God blesses them in order for them to in turn bless others.

In the future, we desire to teach construction skills. In doing so, we will look for those in need for whom we can do repairs and teach skills at the same time, senior citizens, single mothers, handicapped, etc. that cannot do for themselves.

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  God has called Ken & Ruth to begin Freedom Ranch. They believe God will send other workers and many supporters. They cannot do it alone. Many have said this is a great ministry. Few have offered to help. Your gift of $5, $10, $50, $100 or $1,000 would be a great encouragement to them. Consider your gift today. Click Here to donate now.

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