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Welcome to the FREEDOM RANCH Website

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To make a donation by Debit or Credit Card,
bullet Click on the "Donate" button above.
bulletEnter donation amount and click on "update total".
bullet Then click on "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

To make a donation by check, make the check out to Freedom Ranch and mail it to:

        Freedom Ranch

        516 HCR 3424 E

        Malone, TX 76660

If you believe in the mission of Freedom Ranch, you can be a part of making it happen.

You can be a part of the ranch by

bulletClicking on the donate button above and making a donation.
bulletDonating a vehicle to the ranch (car, truck, suv, motor home, tractor, boat, 4 wheeler, etc.), running or not, title or not.
bulletLocate salvage cars for us. Do you have a friend or neighbor that has a vehicle in their driveway, yard or field that they are not using (It may be a real old clunker that has not run in a long while)? Donate it or have them donate it to the ranch.
bulletVolunteer - tell us what skills you have and when you are available.

What do we do with the vehicles donated?

bulletThe cars, trucks and suv's are examined and a determination is made as to whether they are salvageable at a reasonable cost. If they are, we repair them. Then they are either a) donated to a family in need with no cost to the family if their financial situation and pastoral reference determine the need, b) sold to a family in need at a cost to cover repair parts and expenses but well below market value, c) a few are sold to the public to help cover operating expenses of the ranch.
bulletVehicle not repairable are stripped of usable parts and then sold for scrap metal.
bulletTractors, lawn equipment, farm equipment, 4 wheelers, etc. are repaired when possible at a reasonable cost. Those items that can be used on the ranch are kept. Those items that are in surplus or otherwise not needed will be sold to help cover operating expenses of the ranch.
bulletBoats, motor homes, travel trailers, etc. will be repaired and refurbished when economically feasible. Most will then be sold to cover operating expenses of the ranch.

If you have a question and/or would like some additional information you can contact the ranch by clicking on the link below.

Click here to contact Freedom Ranch


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